Heidi Klum: A Woman of Many Hats

(video of Heidi Klum’s response to Donald Trump)

Heidi Unbothered by Trump

[tweet_box design=”box_13_at” float=”left” width=”40%” author=”Heidi Klum” pic_url=”http://losangelesentertainmentnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/MTE5NDg0MDU0ODA2NTYyMzE5.jpg”]“I have to admit, it is quite fun for all the fighting and all the madness that is going on.”[/tweet_box]

Reports Heidi Klum from The Ellen Show. Of course, she is talking about the ridiculous election this year. Donald Trump makes waves with just about everything he says, whether it be how he can shoot someone and he’ll go up to the polls, or when he states (randomly) that Heidi Klum is not a ten anymore. And now the world listens to the bully that is Donald Trump.

This article is not here to report on Donald Trump, nor discuss Heidi Klum’s physical appearance. But it’s to break down the wall (pun intended) and find out a little more about the German fem-fatal. Heidi has been in the public eye for quite some time, and it is about time someone discusses her accomplishments. You’ll be surprised to know that she has put in a lot of hours into helping people, and wearing many different hats, which is a lot more than I can say about Donald Trump.

 A Woman of Many Hats

Heidi Klum has been honored for her charity work with Red Cross (WashingtonTimes.com), is a television producer (IMDB.com), acclaimed fashion designer (HeidiKlumIntmatescom), and an actress (EW.com).

Model Turned Actress

appearing on several beloved shows, like Parks and Recreation and How I Met Your Mother. She is not specifically an actress by trade though, and she found it comically difficult to memorize her lines. On Jimmy Fallon, she discusses how horrified she was when she could not memorize her lines. Amy Poehler memorized all of her lines immediately while Heidi could not even figure out the first couple piece of dialog she had to say. (Huffingtonpost.com) If you watch the episode of Parks and Recreation you would have no idea, I remember when I first saw the episode and recognized it was Heidi, and I was like, “I wonder why she does not act as much.”


[tweet_box design=”box_13_at” float=”left” width=”40%” author=”Heidi Klum” pic_url=”http://losangelesentertainmentnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/MTE5NDg0MDU0ODA2NTYyMzE5.jpg”] I’m thrilled to be part of the Walk for Kids and am proud to support Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.[/tweet_box]

She has been honored by Red Cross for helping the recovery from Hurricane Sandy, for her work with The Los Angeles Community Children’s Hospital Awareness (Web.Archive.org). They raised over One Million Dollars in support of Children’s Hospital, and they also did it in such a way where everyone was up and active the entire time. 5K Runs are always a fun experience and for kids from the hospital to see her give back to the community is inspiring. “I’m thrilled to be part of the Walk for Kids and am proud to support Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The money we raised today will certainly make a tremendous difference in the lives of the children cared for by the hospital.” stated Klum (Imagine Summer).

America’s Got Talent

Heidi is set to appear as a host of the show American’s Got Talent this year along with Howard Stern and Simon Cowell, and she has earned her place as such. She has knowledge of so many different industries that seeing her up there alongside those other judges is a true testament to her achievement. Let us not kid ourselves, she is great to look at as well. Up

Author: Nick Vespe

Nick Vespe is a current undergraduate student at the University of Southern California studying Narrative Studies in Film, Television, and Novels. In his free time, he creates the comic ‘Monkey Legs’, the acclaimed web-series ‘Dormz’, and is in a hip-hop/comedy group called ‘Vespe Bros.’ Learn more about Nick at his website www.NickVespe.rocks.

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