Kelly Rowland Makes a Fool of Herself at the Illustrious Hollywood Beauty Awards

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Photo Credit: Jeremy Bamidele

Shame on You Kelly Rowland

[tweet_box design=”box_13_at” float=”left” width=”40%” author=”Jeremy Bamidele” pic_url=””]Kelly Rowland showed up to the Hollywood Beauty Awards with nearly 15 uninvited guest and stole a board members seat.[/tweet_box]

Kelly Rowland showed up to the Hollywood Beauty Awards, a black-tie only function thrown by LATFUSA and Paraplue Inc. with an entourage of nearly fifteen uninvited guests. Her escorts were seen taking chairs from other tables to seat themselves.


Rowland was sitting at my table. I am a board member of the event and one of the first board members selected for this year’s ceremonies. After I had got up from my seat at the request of Rowland to sit next to her assistant, her entire entourage came in and took all of the chairs in addition to began taking chairs from other tables reserved for invited guest. Her guests, I would later find out were party crashers.


Unsure, of what to do, I went to the founder and owner of the Hollywood Beauty Awards and mega-publicist Michele Elyzabeth to ask what should be done. She informed me that none of the Rowland’s guests were invited or cleared by her and that I should not have given up my seat, as I am her personal invited guest and board member for the awards.


When I went back to Rowland and asked her to select a member of her entourage to move, her entourage became indignant calling me, “unprofessional” for having spoken to Rowland directly. To which I replied excuse me, to which a member of entourage continued to call me, “unprofessional.”


I went directly to the founder, who took time away from her VERY busy activities throwing the event to count the entourage and then speak to them about why they had come to the event uninvited. She then let them know that I am a personally invited guest and board member and told them that this will never happen again.


She then upgraded my seat to a table closer to the stage.


Kelly Rowland has come under rapid fire, since the disbandment of Destiny’s Child and has had a rocky career, to say the least. Her behavior has made her an enemy of the press that’s memory rivals that of time itself.

 The Wildly Successful Hollywood Beauty Award

Fortunately, the shine of the event was not spoiled by Rowland’s actions with celebrities traveling from around the world to attend the event.


Such fashion icons as Heidi Klum, Johnny Depp, Kelly Osbourne, Melanie Griffith, Jack’ee Harry and Eric Dane participated in the event. It took place at Avalon a beautiful venue that was filled with supporters of those who are rarely acknowledged for their valuable contributions—purveyors of beauty.


The awards recognized those who have progressed and shaped the: retouching, hair styling, plastic surgery, and makeup industries. It was sponsored by the Hollywood Reporter, Lexus, and LATFUSA and maintained a board of some of the most distinguished members of the film, beauty, and journalism industries.

This article will be updated with this years winners following the conclusion of the award ceremony.



Author: Jeremy Bamidele

Jeremy Bamidele is the Editor and Chief of Los Angeles Entertainment News. His work has appeared in JET Magazine, Huffington Post, PR Week, PR Daily, Black Star News, and Forbes to name a few. Having both had his first press release garner a publication in the New York Times as well as becoming a nationally syndicated journalist in under a year, he utilizes his business acumen to thrive across job profiles and industries. He is on the board of the 2016 Hollywood Beauty Awards. He is an alumnus of UC Berkeley and University of Pennsylvania and is now pursuing his masters at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. He is also an adjunct professor for Rancho Santiago Community College School District.

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