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Michael Ngo Couture Runway Show at Art Hearts LA Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016

Michael Ngo kicked off the Art Hearts Fashion Week in LA in October of 2015 with a collection he called “Assassinate the Runway.” And that’s exactly what Michael’s models did. The collection’s name came from the inspiration for the collection, which had numerous pieces resembling that of the traditional ninja warrior (ninjas originally come from Japan).

The collection had a provocative, and at the same time, feisty appeal. One model even had the full ninja facemask, which left the audience wondering, leaving them only to imagine what was behind the mask. The suit wasn’t leaving any room for guessing though–the leather (with a sheen) was skin tight and emphasized the sexy model curves, and the audience was well-aware of what the model was flaunting. The mask was bejeweled and complemented well by the fitted leather get-up. This made for a quite an intriguing catwalk…at least for the audience.

Michael Ngo Biography

Michael Ngo was born in San Jose, California. Michael attended the Art Institute of California in Los Angeles from 2012 to 2014. Michael also held a position as a stylist at a Fashion Design store called Diesel Black Gold which is located in Los Angeles at 8401 Melrose Place to kick off his career in fashion. The store targeted high-end fashionistas, and Ngo was able to break into his fashion career by dealing with a very affluent group of people from the very start.

Michael Ngo points to Lady Gaga as one of his inspirations in fashion. He would create elaborate outfits and wear them to Lady Gaga concerts. At one of the concerts, Lady Gaga noticed his flashy outfit and vocalized her compliments in the middle of one of her concerts. Ngo later designed jackets and offered the same to Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga was later seen rocking Michael’s leather biker jackets on the streets of New York.

Ngo’s purpose for designing clothing extends beyond just making aesthetically appealing outfits. He treats design as more of an art and aims to express freedom, sexuality, and empowerment and to produce unique pieces.

Michael Ngo is beginning to explode and some of his best stuff can be seen at his debut which occurred in Fall/Spring 2015 at Fashion Week in Los Angeles.  He received some notoriety in the media from his Collections showcase which was curated by the Los Angeles Fashion Council, and recently his work has been highlighted in the LA Times as well as a number of other reputable blogs, magazines, and publications.

Ngo’s success does not come as a surprise as he graduated valedictorian of his class with a 4.0 grade point average at the Art Institute of California in Los Angeles.

Michael Ngo Celebrity Affiliations

Michael Ngo is an avid Lady Gaga fan. Lady Gaga has been seen wearing Ngo on the New York City strip as noted above. In fact, Ngo is responsible for designing three different jackets worn by Lady Gaga, and he is recognized by Gagapedia as one of those “Designer’s Worn” by the superstar Lady Gaga.

American singer, songwriter and actress, Demi Lovato, modeled Michael Ngo pieces like a pro with a strong supporting performance from singer and actor Nick Jonas.

Another actor and artist who has been seen wearing Michael Ngo is Bryshere Gray. Gray who is also known as Yazz and he stars in the television drama series, Empire.

Becky G or Rebecca Gomez is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper who brought herself to fame through videos she posted on Youtube. She also has been seen wearing Ngo’s work.

Photo Credit: Jeff Linett

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