Mitchell Slaggert is a Face to Watch in the 2016 Men’s Fashion Calendar

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Men’s Fashion Month is in full swing. It began in New York, and it is now moving to London, Milan and finally Paris.  It is a constant wave of runway shows, presentations, and other events. Soon after, we will roll into the Summer Events, and then in the fall is the 2017 fashion lineups.

This year’s fashion contains a host of new talent. Among them is Mitchell Slaggert of Fayetteville, Georgia. Mitchell Slaggert is a new face in the modeling world. However, he already made a splash in his debut when he became the new face of Calvin Klein’s underwear campaign.

Mitchell Slaggert Planned to Go into Homeland Security

Twenty-one year old Mitchell Slaggert hails from the American South. He was scouted earlier last year while walking to his car after class. At the time, he was studying mechanical engineering at the University of North Carolina. (wmagazine).

When Mitchell Slaggert was scouted, he was interviewing for a position in Homeland Security. His real dream was to join the US Marines. However, an accident when he was seven left him with only one kidney. As a result, he was ineligible to serve in the military. He was willing to place his dream on hold to take the modeling opportunity offered to him, deeming it ‘too good to be true” (wmagizine).

Mitchell Slaggert is a Raw Talent and Lots to Learn

Calvin Klein’s chief marketing manager, Melisa Goldie, praises Mitchel Slaggert for his “raw masculinity and sense of athleticism (New York Times).

Modeling for a major underwear campaign was one of the last things Slaggert ever expected to do. On his way to the Calvin Klein presentation, Slaggert admits to finding himself overwhelmed by his first trip to New York City.  He is currently taking a crash course in the entertainment world. He was disconnected with celebrity culture that he did not recognize Kendall Jenner when they were introduced (wmagazine).

It all began with his photo shoot with Kendall Jenner in the Calvin Klein Iron Strength campaign. Since then he has done photo shoots with other major brands like Cadet and dSquared. And one of his most memorable moments were the “golden pants” he modeled for the formal wear section of a Calvin Klein presentation.

Mitchell Slaggert Stays True to Himself

Despite his sudden fame and success, Slaggert is still true to himself. When he is not modeling, he prefers to wear his hunting cap, boots, and his ‘grandpa jeans’ from Levi’s (wmagazine).

He still wants to join homeland security once he has completed his modeling career. He has jokingly mentioned that he found the enlistment interview far more stressful than any casting call (wmagazine)

Mitchell Slaggert has had a great first year as a male model. At the same time, he is still the same polite Southern gentleman with a passion for protecting his country. It is very likely we will spy male model Mitchel Slaggert on the runways of Men’s Fashion in New York, Milan, London, and Paris in the 2016 Fashion Calendar.


Height 6’2.”
Suit 40R
Waist 32
Inseam 33
Shirt 15 1/2
Shoe 12

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Author: Shandee Nis

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