The Truth Awards: The Latrine Overflows

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The Truth Awards celebrating out-gay Black individuals in the entertainment industry was a disgrace, and it seems my co-patriots in the press forgot to warn me–shame on you. Not only did no one in the industry show up, neither did the press that covers them. Let’s examine why.


Halloween Town must have been having a casting; never have I seen such pitifully attired individuals walking on the red carpet. By the time the night was through, my camera battery was still full.


Everything from shirts ripped open to the navel to shiny polyester suits graced the red carpet of what up until now has been a respectable establishment—The Taglyan Complex.


As a Gay Black man, I couldn’t help but feel like I had soiled myself. But then I remembered that the event was not representative of the beautiful, hardworking Black gay individuals in the industry.


Rather, the event was surely an event thrown by the Klan itself to show the worst of us in the brightest lights. Fortunately, the press didn’t fall for it.


Had I done more research on the publicist—Wyllisa Bennett, I would have known to stare clear, but how was I to know; her Google footprint numbered zero.


The latrine overflowed as she soaked the carpet with the foulness of her pretense. Leading the celebrities streetwalkers across the step-and-repeat manned by four citizen journalists with phones and starter cameras.


So what of the awards you ask, I left before they started. I guess you’ll have to find that information somewhere else….


Author: Jeremy Bamidele

Jeremy Bamidele is the Editor and Chief of Los Angeles Entertainment News. His work has appeared in JET Magazine, Huffington Post, PR Week, PR Daily, Black Star News, and Forbes to name a few. Having both had his first press release garner a publication in the New York Times as well as becoming a nationally syndicated journalist in under a year, he utilizes his business acumen to thrive across job profiles and industries. He is on the board of the 2016 Hollywood Beauty Awards. He is an alumnus of UC Berkeley and University of Pennsylvania and is now pursuing his masters at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. He is also an adjunct professor for Rancho Santiago Community College School District.

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