Wildlife Waystation: Rescuing Animals from Abuse

About the Event

On Nov. 15, 2015, I attended a fundraiser for the Wildlife Waystation (WW), a privately owned 160-acre animal reserve in the Angeles National Forest located in Los Angeles.

About the Wildlife Waystation

[su_pullquote]Since its incorporation in 1976, the Wildlife Waystation (WW) has helped more than 76,000 abused, abandoned, orphaned, and injured animals. [/su_pullquote]These include Siberian and Bengal tigers, lions, leopards, ligers, jaguars, mountain lions, wolves, coyotes, camels, primates, hyenas, bears, foxes, reptiles, exotic birds, birds of prey.

Through the WW, tens of thousands of native wildlife have been rehabilitated and successfully released back into their natural habitat.

With over 40 chimpanzees, WW is the largest chimpanzee sanctuary in the Western United States. Almost all of their chimps came from biomedical research labs. The WW is the first reserve in the United States to accept chimpanzees from this source.

About the Founder Martine Colette

Founded by Martine Colette in 1965, the WW came about when Colette began caring for exotic animals in her three bedroom house. When some animals could no longer be adequately cared for in the small space, she purchased the 160 acres upon which the WW no operates.

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Photo: Martine Colette (Founder and Owner of the Wildlife Waystation)

At a young age, Colette, the daughter of a Belgian diplomat, personally witnessed the plight of exotic animals many of which were shipped off to zoos where they were poorly cared for and in many cases abused.

The WW actively educates individuals, companies, and zoos about why exotic animals do not make good pets, as well as the status of animal species in the wild.

While the reserve is not open to the public, it does host events and is always looking for volunteers and monetary support.

WW receives no funding from federal, state, or local governments, but is supported solely by private donations, foundation and corporate grants, bequests and animal sponsorships. Donations and sponsorships can be submitted here.

Special thanks to the Wildlife Waystation and Arne List for hosting Los Angeles Entertainment News.

Some of the Animals:

Photos credit: Jeremy Bamidele 

Author: Jeremy Bamidele

Jeremy Bamidele is the Editor and Chief of Los Angeles Entertainment News. His work has appeared in JET Magazine, Huffington Post, PR Week, PR Daily, Black Star News, and Forbes to name a few. Having both had his first press release garner a publication in the New York Times as well as becoming a nationally syndicated journalist in under a year, he utilizes his business acumen to thrive across job profiles and industries. He is on the board of the 2016 Hollywood Beauty Awards. He is an alumnus of UC Berkeley and University of Pennsylvania and is now pursuing his masters at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. He is also an adjunct professor for Rancho Santiago Community College School District.

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